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Embrace Valerie Gold

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Subtle Vintage Vibes
These earrings exude an aura that blends seamlessly with modern styles while also evoking a sense of timeless appeal. Their linear design, adorned with a row of small cubic zirconia, is their defining feature, and the hoop design ensures they look stunning from every angle. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to casual outfits or serving as a focal point to elevate office attire, they effortlessly upgrade any look when paired with a simple dress. With a harmonious blend of refined simplicity and dazzling sparkle, these earrings are truly versatile, offering an all-around enhancement to any ensemble.


Stone : Cubic Zirconia
Material : 925 Silver
Plating : 18K Gold
Diameter : 14.0㎜×18.0㎜
Post material : Surgical Stainless

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Embrace Valerie Gold
Embrace Valerie Gold Prix de vente$104.00